Wednesday, January 27, 2016

For Sale: RV-12 Kit

For Sale: RV-12 kit:

  - Tail Kit: already assembled
  - Wing Kit: 95% complete
  - Fuselage Kit: New in box
  - Finishing Kit: New in box

  Optional Kits:

  - Wheel pants
  - Interior Kit
  - Lighting Kit
  - Preassembled fuel tank

Asking $30,000. Buyer is responsible for packing/shipping/hauling/etc.

I am not the seller, but I will be the initial contact and can provide rudimentary details.

It's very hard to see, but there is a tiny little ding in this skin:

Lighting kit was in-work when work stopped:

Also available as a set, asking $700:

Here's the list - she's asking $650 without the flaring too, probably a little more if she still has it:

- Bags of cobalt numbered bits, probably eight different sizes
- Rivet sets
- Rivet squeezer
- pneumatic rivet puller
- manual rivet puller
- tube bender
- countersink bits and microstop cage
- rivet size gauges
- edge breaking tool
- fluting pliers
- seaming pliers
- a box of various taps and dies
- half a dozen taps in individual boxes
- left and right tin snips
- Boelube stick