Thursday, November 12, 2009

Should I shelve the twelve while I fix the six?

Every time I look at the maintenance situation with the cowls on the RV-6, it looks worse. I went out to the hangar tonight and removed the bottom half so I could at least proceed with the oil change. As I was removing it (hard to do alone, even harder when I get a call from work that I have to take while trying not to drop the precariously dangling cowl) I noticed that a whole set of hinge hoops are missing from the left side air inlet. Where'd they go? EllifIknow. But they sure need to be replaced! Luckily, I ordered a six foot length of the hinge material from Van's.

I more or less have a plan for the repair, but it involves fiberglass work. Ugh. I also need to pull out the plans and manual and reverse engineer how the hinges were installed in the first place, the plan being to end up with a repair that is at least as strong as the original installation. Not that the original installation is bathing itself in glory these days.

All of this is going to have to be in lieu of time spent building the RV-12. If one were to anthropomorphize the RV-6 (which I do, I suppose, by assigning him a gender and a name), one might assume that he is acting up in rebellion to the new kid on the block diverting so much of my attention and effort.

Bad Papa! Bad!

Nope, I don't anthropomorphize at all, do I?

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Julien said...

You know what they say: don't anthropomorphize airplanes, they hate it!

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