Monday, February 8, 2010

At least another two weeks...

I talked to Van's today.

My kit is complete, but there's a two week backlog in getting it crated and shipped.

They're doing more business than they know what to do with out there, which if a luxury item like a homebuilt airplane is any kind of economic barometer, it really makes me wonder where exactly we are with regards to an economic recovery.

Interestingly, it's not just the RV-12 that's selling like hotcakes, although they do tend to get back logged on that one quicker because they're selling very fast and for that kit "they do everything but the fiberglass in-house." I'm not sure what that means with relation to the other kits, unless she was referring to the quick build kits that get farmed out internationally.

The 12's also backlog much more quickly because they build so much faster than the other models.

So, two weeks more without my winter project. That means I might as well hunker down and get my taxes done (which never improves my mood) and accelerate the annual inspection on the RV-6. No sense putting that off, even if it isn't due until April.

I'm also strongly considering getting the wing kit ordered. I haven't broached the subject with the Schmetterling CEO yet, but if it's going to be four or five months (that's the most recent estimate and she said it is getting ready to slide back again), I ought to get my place in line secured.

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