Friday, March 26, 2010

Fuselage inventory complete

All of the parts are inventoried and shelved:

Well, all of the parts in the sense of all of them that I received. There were a couple of discrepancies.

In lieu of an F-1273-R BAGGAGE CORNER SKIN, I received two F-1273-L BAGGAGE CORNER SKINs. I'd press on with the two left pieces but it would make the plane fly crooked. I called Van's and they are sending a replacement F-1273-L. Easy as can be.

The inventory also called for one F-1207C BAGGAGE BULKHEAD (what is it about the baggage pieces??) but I received two. One is the mirror image of the other and is unmarked, so I suspect there are supposed to be an F-1207C-R and an F-1207C-L included. I'm going to be reading through the plans for the next couple days and I'm sure I'll find out one way or the other.

Later: Confirmed. Page 24-04 has the F-1207C-R and F-1207C-L being riveted into place. In fact, they get riveted to the F-1284-R and F-1284-L "mystery pieces" in the tail cone. Now I know what those two little Shear Clips are for.

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