Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Make work

I should be able to get the wing tab receptacles taken care of tomorrow. There is an RV-12 nearing completion not too far from here and I've arranged to go use its wing spar tabs to check the fit of the receptacles.

In the meantime I did a little prep work on some of the other parts that will get attached to the F-1206 bulkhead that the receptacles will be attached to. There was also a little dimpling to be done on the top of the bulkhead. It needed to be dimpled to match the dimples in the baggage floors. There were quite a few of those, but there were also holes that should not be dimpled, and to add to the complexity, the sets were not symmetrical. I took the easy way out: I placed the bulkhead into position on the baggage floors and circled the holes that should be dimpled and X-ed the holes that shouldn't.

There are four more baggage ribs that needed to be deburred, dimpled, and have nutplates installed. I knocked that out pretty quickly.

The next step is to rivet the bulkhead and ribs onto the center section, but I can't do that until the receptacles are trimmed/fitted and riveted into place. It was a good stopping point anyway as my brain was starting to send shut-down signals after a long day at work.

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