Monday, September 13, 2010

Interior paint done

The thinking, such as it was, behind using off-the-shelf rattle can spray paint for the interior painting was as follows:

  - easy to buy in precise quantity needed
  - easy to match color if/when touch up is required
  - no need for advanced painting equipment
  - if a "textured" paint is used, insects and travelling dust motes that get caught in the wet paint only serve to add to the effect

So, how did it work out? Well, okay as far as it goes, but I have to confess that I am beyond disappointed and well into irritated with Rust-Oleum.

Issue 1: easy to buy in precise quantity needed. I suppose it would have met that criteria if there was any degree of quality control on the actual spraying part of the term "spray paint." One can was a complete dud and refused to expel any paint whatsoever. A second can would only spray for moments at a time before sputtering, stopping, starting, sputtering, etc. I finally realized that someone at Rust-Oleum had cleverly modified the can to send a message in morse code. I carefully transcribed the dots and dashes formed by the sputtering spray can:

- .... .. ... /  .--. .- .. -. - /  .. ... /  -.-. .-. .- .--. 

(Here, let me help: Morse Code Translator here)

Issue 2: easy to match the color later. Not likely. The colors didn't match from can to can now, so I can't see them doing any better in the future.

All I have to say is this:

It's time to rewrite the promise at the top of the can. "Trusted Quality Until 2010" would be more accurate.

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That website did not work for me but found another website ( and it is THIS PAINT IS CRAP according to that?

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