Saturday, February 5, 2011


I received the help I needed to flip the wing over from an unusual source. Months ago when she was choosing her classes at school, Co-pilot Egg opted for something called "Lifetime Fitness," or some similarly benign sounding thing. Much to her chagrin, it turned out to be a gym class that features weight training. That might explain why she's the only girl in the class. In any event, she fairly ripples with muscles now and is certainly capable of handling half of a 60 pound wing. We stopped by the hangar on our way to run some errands and got the wing turned over in just a couple of minutes. Then it was off to the Hallmark store to fulfill our shopping needs for Valentines Day.

Egg doesn't like shopping with me very much at the best of times, but she abhors it when I'm in a bantering mood. The Hallmark trip went something like this:

Hallmark Lady: "How are you doing today?"
Me: "Great! I'm way ahead of schedule on this."
HL: "Valentines Day?"
Me: "Yeah, I usually do this on the 17th."
HL: "Are you looking for 'wife'?"
Me: "Uh, no thanks, I already have a wife, but I appreciate the offer."
HL: "No, I meant the section with cards for your wife."
Me: "Oh. I thought that was kind of forward of you."

With the shopping complete, I dropped Egg off at home and returned to the hangar to finish up the closing of the wing tip. Although I don't think it's anywhere near realistic, or even necessary, to bend the flanges to the level of precision called out in the plans, I do think it's probably a good idea to at least get them in the neighborhood. I dug out my little angle finder gizmo and set it for 30 degrees.

The tabs bend easily with the custom tool given to me by The Jackson Two when they (mistakenly) thought they had no more use for it. The flanges have a tendency to spring back quite a bit, though, so it takes a few tries to get it just right.

I must have been pretty good at the measuring since the part when in just right the first time.

Here's the back corner.

Clecoed, then riveted.

It's just about done. There's an inspection panel to be installed, but it required ten dimpled nutplates and I decided to defer that until tomorrow morning. There's no hurry; I'm going to need some help swapping the left wing with the right wing skeleton that's currently sitting over on the sailboat and I'm not sure that's a suitable job for my little weight lifter.


Scott Kuhar said...

very nice. if you are short of help, I'll be happy to flip you a bird - er, wing.

Unknown said...

Nice!! It's starting to look like a real piece of an airplane.

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