Sunday, March 6, 2011

Getting physical

There are times when this airplane building business gets to be pretty hard work, at least as measured by a guy who wouldn't take an Urban Active membership if you paid him to. Now, when and if they start a chain of relaxation centers called Suburban Inactive, give me a call.

This weekend has been one of the more physically demanding ones. Yesterday I carried all of the contents of the finishing kit down to the Schmetterling subterranean parts warehouse, a big enough job in its own right, but followed that job with the task of breaking down the wooden shipping crate and lugging all of the scrap wood down there too. Very tiring for an old sedentary desk jockey like me.

There is a lot of really fun looking stuff in this kit. I can tell that there is going to be a significant change in the nature of the work from here on out. Unpacking the kit was fun in a way as I enjoyed playing the "what in the heck is this??" game.

This morning I did the inventory and got everything sorted onto the storage shelves.

With that done, I loaded up the flaperon parts, all of the tools that I had brought home from the hangar, and the fabricated wood pieces for the wing rack and hauled the load out to the hangar. The flaperon parts went on the shelf and I spent the rest of the afternoon assembling the wing rack, which is really just another way of saying "reminding myself why I'm not building a deck on my house instead of building an airplane." Suffice it to say that carpentry is not a calling for me. I knew it was going to be a long afternoon when Step #2 of the assembly was to undo Step #1 of the assembly.

The resulting wing rack will serve as an adequate rack for the wing, but it ain't much to look at. After a few tries, I was finally able to get a picture of it that looks pretty good.


Torsten said...

:-D Come on, Dave, it can't be that BAD! Or can it?? LOL!

Leon said...

now see this is why i read this blog. real lol moments. my eye slid down the page and i thought wow! dave must be tired because he is a good photographer and that picture is rather poor. then i read the text. nicely done.
i must say that it is major regret that i can not help free up room in your hangar. i wish you all the best of luck and a timely conclusion with the sale of papa. i'll leave you to decide what constitutes timely.

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