Thursday, April 21, 2011

A New Venture

I haven't finished up the riveting of the second flaperon over the last couple of evenings because I've been saving it up for my scheduled Aviation Venture Crew on Thursday night. What's an "Aviation Venture Crew" you ask? Well, peruse these purloined paragraph that I pilfered from the nets:

  • What is a Venture Crew? A Venture Crew is a group of young men and women (ages 14-20) who gather to learn about and engage in a high adventure activity. The group is sponsored by a committee of adults as well as a sponsoring organization. This program is run under the direction and guidelines of the Boy Scouts of America, but is a coed program.

  • What is an Aviation Venture Crew? An Aviation Venture Crew concentrates is meetings and activities around the many fields involved in aviation, including piloting, maintenance, traffic control, and operations.

  • I figured a little riveting would be just the ticket. It's easy to teach and hard to mess up, and people really seem to like it. After a few minutes (that I'm sure seemed like hours) of me pontificating on my two favorite subjects, those being 1) airplanes, and 2) well, me, I turned Co-pilot Egg loose to train any willing volunteers and get some riveting done:

    Time ran out before we could rivet the bottom of the skins, so I'll take care of that this weekend. Then it's on to the finishing kit!!

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    Hugo said...

    May we assume that at the completion of your aircraft build, that each of these members of the "Aviation Venture Crew" will get to fly in what they helped to build?

    Great idea, Dave.

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