Saturday, May 7, 2011

One of those days, again

It's another game review weekend. This one is a hurry-up; they would like to have it done by Monday. It's reportedly a short-ish game, though, so I thought it would be no problem to run through it Friday night and early Saturday morning, leaving me plenty of time to write it up on Sunday. Unfortunately, I quickly encountered a bug in the game that made it very difficult to play.  Without a great deal of hope that anything could be done, I fired off an email to the development studio in the UK. Surprisingly, I had a reply from the managing director in just a few minutes. We exchanged a few emails wherein I tried to describe as accurately as possible where I was in the game when the problem started. That will hopefully help the developers locate the offending code, but my experience with these things leads me to believe that they have a very long and stressful weekend ahead of them.

Having failed in getting the review work done, I thought I'd address a problem in my own five year old getting-ready-to-be-put-out-to-pasture computer, that being the issue of hard disk space. The problem being that I'm essentially out of it. It should be a simple matter, I thought, to buy a hard drive and stick it in.

It wasn't.

After hours of trying to figure out why the PC refused to see the barren and bountiful new pastures of available storage now eagerly awaiting a healthy crop of photos, videos, games and the like, I gave up and went to the hangar to get started on the finishing kit, having thrown in the towel on the issue of the leaking RV-6 fuel tank and bequesting that particular pain the rear to my paid mechanic.  Step one is to tap some holes into the pin that will hold the larger wing attach pins in place.

I didn't get very far with that, as it turns out. My tap kit was purchased at Harbor Freight, the home of approximately-sized wrenches and extraordinarily soft-metal taps.

I gave up on getting anything productive done for the day.

I did get myself up to Sears to buy a decent tap, though, since to wait for Sunday would require waiting until their ridiculously non-competitive noon opening. Hopefully the next session will be more productive. There might be a dearth of supporting photos, though, if I can't figure out the hard drive problem in the meantime.

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