Monday, April 16, 2012

Capping off the Cowling

Well, not really. The top half of the cowling will still need some trimming, but a few judicious swipes of the sanding block resolved the fit problems that I was having with the lower half. It really is a game of millimeters, this fitting of fiberglass parts. A game for the patient, really, which is why Professorial Pete is such a great addition to the team. His boy Warthog, on the other hand.... didn't tell me until after taking this picture that he just wanted to get a picture of the smudge of fiberglass dust I had carelessly festooned my face with.

With a decent fit finally accomplished, I was able to drill and cleco a couple of rivet holes in the top of the side hinges. That held the bottom half well enough to allow a trial fit of the top half:

It looks nearly done, but with the additional complexity of the internal workings of the RV-12 cowl versus any of the other RVs, there is still tunnel at the end of this light.

Cryptic foreshadowing??


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Torsten said...

Ignoring the work that still has to be done, this last photo sure is a great motivational booster! Looks very, very pretty and almost done. Now, keep up the pressure! :-) Next year's Oshkosh... here we come!!!

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