Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Drop what you're doing...

You may remember that I was presented with a brief window of opportunity to fly the RV-6 out to the new owner. A frantic dash around the house to gather up enough clothing and other supplies to provide for an overnight stay, a rush to the airport, and a quick departure towards the east were required to get away before the weather degraded to unflyable.

So... I got to thinking today that I ought to call the paint shop to get on their schedule to paint the RV-12. I had heard that they were already booked well into March, 2014, and I didn't want to wait much longer than that. In fact, I didn't even want to wait that long, but I had decided it was worth it to get a really good paint job. After looking over the job that this shop did for The Jackson Two, I was sold.

Sure enough, the reply from the paint shop was "we're booked until sometime in March."


"Unless you can bring it today."

They had had a no-show!

It was frantic, but I was able to arrange for Kyle, apprentice saxophone reed carver for The Jackson Two, to fly up there in his plane to meet me and bring me back home. I weaseled out of my last meeting for the day and blew out of the salt mine a good half hour early.  After a change of clothes, a quick drive to the airport, and an hour of flight, the plane was in the paint shop's hangar being disassembled for painting.

They expect to have the plane for six weeks, so posting here will be somewhere between light and non-existent.


Steve said...

Sometimes the cards just align. What scheme are you going for? Looking forward to photos of the finished product!

Hugo said...

Ditto on what Steve said. Don't keep us in suspense! 0_o

Are you going for "over-the-top" (thinking Paul Dye's Tsamsiyu), or more "traditional"?

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