Friday, September 27, 2013

I'm not in a panic yet....

.... because it isn't done, but I hope the white stripe that supposed to bifurcate the red shows up soon. It might be under the masking tape that hasn't been removed yet (the paint was still "soft" when he took the pictures).

Reminder: this is the way it should look:

Worst case is I put black pin-striping around the red.  Doubt if it will come to that, though.

Well, maybe "hope" is more accurate than "doubt."


Hugo said...

I don' know why...but I've always thought that grey paint on an airplane looks better, for a longer time, than "appliance white". Dave, you've got a first-class ride! Looking forward to many flying stories (soon).

Hugo said...

Is it just my imagination...or is the point size increasing, incrementally, as the days stretch onward? ;)

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