Tuesday, October 29, 2013

From the Mail Bag

Jean-Pierre Bernoux said...
Hi Dave, I am curious to know where the feature on exchanging frequencies between radio and Skyview is described. This is an awesome feature and I want it!

Jean-Pierre is right - I did gloss over what I was doing it and why I was doing it when I installed the missing wire the would complete the communication path between the Dynon Skyview and the Garmin SL-40.

Many of you will no doubt remember that I was one of the group that got caught up in the delays arising from the shift from the older Dynon D-180 to the newfangled Skyview. This is perhaps nostalgia talking, but I also remember being as patient as I can be, thinking that surely the ongoing improvements to the Skyview would make the wait well worthwhile. Well, it was true. I think I'm on the third major version of the Skyview firmware in less than a year after installation. It was either this most recent version or the one just before it that introduced the concept of using the frequency data stored in (and displayed on) the Skyview to 'push' frequencies to the Comm radio.

Unfortunately, for one reason or another (and trust me, this was exhaustively debated on the RV forum) one of the wires that would enable this capability was excluded from the wire bundle supplied by Van's. A lot of work went into figuring out which wire was needed and where it needed to be installed, and as is the laudable norm in that particular forum, the results were shared with the rest of us. It all looked somewhat complicated to me, and I didn't consider the feature to be worth a dive below the avionics cover. At some point, though, someone on the forum mentioned that Van's had begun to include the wire as part of the avionics kit.  As it was more than just a simple wire (it's shielded and has a grounding terminal spliced into it), I decided to order one. The part number is WH-F1102 and I can't provide a price because Van's did not charge me for it.  The revision page that details its installation can be found here: http://www.vansaircraft.com/pdf/revisions/RV-12/42K.pdf

Operation is pretty simple, albeit not as simple as just dialing in the frequency manually. You just navigate the Skyview to the airport info page and select the COMS tab:

Then you just select the frequency you want using the right side joystick and press 'TUNE COM'.

The Skyview will push the selected frequency into the standby frequency in the SL-40.

As they say in the orchestra, Viola!

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