Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Art of Push-Button Flying

Well, the title is a bit of an oversell.

What this video actually delivers is a record of my current understanding of the operation of the Dynon SkyView autopilot in the Complex Menu mode, as assisted by the installation of the optional knobs and buttons panels.

I've been flying with the more capable menu for maybe five hours now, if that much. It actually is quite a bit more complex and a little less intuitive than the Simplified Menu, but as I get better at using it, I'm finding it to be a good trade.

There are likely to be things I'm doing that are either not entirely correct, or not as efficient as could be, or both.  With that in mind, I don't suggest using this video as a replacement for reading the SkyView User Guide.

Also, you might be curious about the purple tint of the map page on the right side of the display. The areas tinted purple are areas for which the ADSB has yet to download NEXRAD weather radar data yet.

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