Friday, December 11, 2009

Retro Logo extravaganza!

I'm still solidly sold on the idea of going with a retro paint scheme on the airplane, and enhancing the retro aspect with the inclusion of era contemporaneous oil company sponsor logos. Those aren't especially easy to find, but I ran across a veritable treasure trove of them here at Vic's 66 online store.

These are porcelain signs with old logos on them, typically running 12" or so in diameter and costing $20 or less. The sign itself would act only as fodder for the scanner with the resulting electronic image being used to generate a set of decals for the plane. The signs themselves would then be relegated to the role of hangar decorations.

Here are a few I picked as strong contenders:

The Husky "Gasolene" caught my eye simply because I like Husky dogs. That's probably not enough reason to select it, but certainly enough to include it in the pool.

The two Flying A's will probably not make the cut for a reason that may or may not be obvious. It's just that it would be oh-so-easy to append a 'hole' to it, you see. Too many people think of me that way already, thank you very much. No sense in encouraging more of that, right?

The oil logo with the B-17 can, fortunately, co-exist in harmony with whatever gasoline (or gasolene) logo that I ultimately choose.

If you follow the link, you will see that they are also offering some of the more well-known brands such as Gulf, Sunoco, and, of course, the Red Lion that started me down this path. There are also some brands that I recognize but are no longer with us. It will, no doubt, be harder to choose one than it was to find such an extensive collection to choose from in the first place. Deliciously ironic, that!

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