Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tail cone skins flying off the shelf...

... so to speak.

There's not a lot of variety to this part of the job. Grab a skin from the shelf, remove the blue vinyl, deburr the holes, wave one form of abrasive or another in the general direction of the edges in a Kabuki performance of deburring them as well, and break the edge.

The vinyl removal got a little easier once I adopted a tip that I saw on the DReeves site:

Of course, you then need to remove the tightly wound from the little pipe so it's not exactly a free lunch. It still nets out to easier, though.

I also found a piece of scrap metal in the hangar that I could use to practice the usage technique of the edge breaking tool. The first few tries were horrible, but once I got the hang of it I got a pretty nice edge:

I'm down to three skins left to prepare. It looks like this next one is going to be tricky because it doesn't have a 'J' bend molded into like the others. That means it has the rigidity of a jellyfish. It's going to be hard to work on something this big and flaccid:

It's also far too wide for the little piece of PVC pipe that I've been using to remove the blue material to work. I'll need something bigger. And that will be the story for a later day.

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