Saturday, February 27, 2010

PC flying

With no building to do and a snow, ugly day keeping me inside, there's nothing better than a little flying on the computer:

It didn't end all that well for me, did it? It's been that kind of week...


Ageless Stranger said...

What game? I'd love to play it if my machine will run it! (unlikely) I used to play Aces of The Pacific back in the day, and would always fly the Corsair.

DaveG said...

The game is IL2 Sturmovik. I downloaded it from Steam for (get this!!) $9.99. Yep, less than $10! That amazes me in a world where one lunch can cost more than that.

Link to Steam:

Direct link to game:

It was originally released in 2006, so it might work ok for you. My PC is much newer than that and handles the demand very well. The secret is more about the 3D graphics board than the PC.

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