Sunday, January 30, 2011

Admin note: A little work under the blog hood

Late last night I was made aware of a problem with the presentation of this blog in web browsers other than the one I use. Everything looked fine in my Google Chrome browser, but apparently the fancy background image was causing other browsers to play the fool. I got up this morning dedicated to finding a fix for the problem, but shivering in the gelid environment of the early morning homestead clutching a mug of coffee in both hands in a futile effort to keep both me and the coffee warm was not conducive to a great deal of troubleshooting.

I just ended up removing the image.

While doing so, I found that Google has added all kinds of new configuration settings that I'm sorely tempted to play with. For now, though, it seems that I've gotten everything back into working order. I'm going to finish up my now tepid coffee and get ready to go clay pigeon hunting. If anyone is still having presentation issues with the blog, feel free to drop me a comment.


Leon said...

cool. i found it hard to believe you knew how it looked and just left it like that. i use firefox if that helps triangulate a fix. i notice that you are now putting up these more general interest stories on the build blog rather than papa golf. i have that one bookmarked and then link here. it's probably time to change my bookmark. btw either your or a commentator's suggestion on gun buying websites has lead me very close to a precarious edge--so many neat toys at less than one might imagine.

DaveG said...

"you are now putting up these more general interest stories on the build blog rather than papa golf."

You're right, and it has really become a matter of habit. I'm in this blog nearly every day and I'm getting to be like an old stable horse that just follows the same trail every day.

Just last week I was thinking back to those glorious days when I used to be a pilot. The weather this winter has been really cruddy for flying. I hope to get back to papa soon!

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