Tuesday, January 25, 2011


What else could explain this heat wave? It must be Julyuary! While the temperatures were down to about 36F by the time I got to the hangar, I think they got has high as 40F during the day. The days are getting longer, too. If I get up for work at 4:45, I can be home again as early as 3:45 pm. That gives me a good hour and a half of natural light to work with.

I've been using the nice weather and extended hours to finish up the top skin on the left wing. It's just about done; all that remains is the doubler that will go over the area where I still some day be stepping as I get in and out of the airplane. I've read a lot of folks talking about waterproofing under that doubler since it seems as if it was specifically designed to trap water, so I'm going to have to stop by NAPA to pick up some good primer to treat the area with.

Here's the wing, just about buttoned up:

It's nice to be able to work in just a light sweatshirt for a change!

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