Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Just count to 10....

It's one of those old, been-around-forever sayings: when you are getting ready to lose your temper, just count to ten. Well, I've had a couple of instances over the last few days where that has turned out to be good advice. Fortunately the type of units that are to be counted are left to the discretion of the user and I opted for days. It is for that reason that I have yet to talk to the mother of the youngster that vandalized Egg's car, and to a much lesser extent, it is why I had not yet called Van's regarding the need for the new style fuel pressure sensor.

I still haven't done anything about the vandal, but the Van's situation is now resolved.

There I was, sitting at my desk at the paying job noodling over a Gantt chart, trying to figure out how to squeeze three weeks of work into a two week window when I received an instant message from home:

Home: Scott at Van's is on the phone here.

RV6FlierAtWork: About?

Home: Don't know. Should I have him call you at work.

RV6FlierAtWork: no.
Why "no?" Well, think about it. I've been pretty open about my unpleasant interaction with Mr. Ken S., and really, who knows who reads this stuff? That was part of it, anyway, the other part being that I had three days worth of work items on my clipboard and I am absolutely paranoid about losing data on the clipboard! It must be pasted somewhere before I will entertain an interruption.

As soon as my data was securely pasted back into an unreasonably tight schedule, I returned the call. Scott wanted to tell me that he had heard through the grapevine that I was one of the two builders that had received the wrong sensor from Van's and that Dynon was sending over a few of the new units. One will be sent to me as soon as it arrives from Dynon.


I thanked him for his "extremely proactive customer service."

He chuckled and said, "Well, we're not always this way."

Hmmm, a hidden meaning there? Probably not. In any event, I told him that "life in Skyview purgatory must be pretty tough on everyone."

Another chuckle, then, "Hey, I like that term!"

So, one problem solved. And as an extra bonus, I now have the direct dial number of someone in Van's tech support that I might find it more pleasant to deal with if I run into any more problems that require their help.

Maybe I'm ready to call that kid's mom now...

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