Monday, December 17, 2012

Extra Innings

This is my second try at this post, the first having been deleted because it was just a bit too frank. A bit raw, if you will.

I find myself in a strange and unfamiliar place all of a sudden. I'm sure this is something that will pass, and hopefully quickly. The thing is that I think I've hit a wall.  At this moment, I really just want this project to be done.

Maybe it's this service bulletin - it's a lot like getting to the bottom of the ninth and finding that the game is going into extra innings.  I'm just not in the mood for it and it is having a bad effect on my thinking. I just can't seem to get out of my own way. It feels like it has been one screw-up after another. It's like waking up to find you suddenly have two left hands, and you're right-handed.

It's odd to be hitting me this late in the game. I got past the longerons. The canopy is done.  In the grand scheme of the last three years, this work is relatively simple. I don't understand why it's suddenly all so frustrating. I don't understand where this mental haze has come from. Seriously, drilling 3/4" holes instead of 3/8"?? Who does that??? I ordered a countersink bit that's too small for the job. I ordered it in the first place so I wouldn't ruin one of the countersink bits that I've been using all along by having to chuck it into the drill press, completely forgetting that the cage itself is chucked into a drill all the damn time!! 

My brain has called it quits.

And to do it all so.... publicly!! As much as I enjoy the writing, this blog can at times cause quite a bit of additional stress. I decided from day one that I would share it all, warts included.  There are days, though....  I'm this close to just shutting it down.

Maybe it has nothing to do with the current work. In fact, I hope it doesn't. Maybe it's just carryover from the stress from the paying gig which is worthy of another blog in its own right. A lot going on there that has me well out of my comfort zone. At this point, should the Mayans prove to be correct, I'm not sure it wouldn't be an improvement.

I guess it doesn't matter where this is coming from - it's here, it's now, and it needs to be dealt with.  Writing about it here is a start - the act of putting things in words on a page has a way of getting the circling ideas out of my head. It's therapy, in a way.  Confession: it's good for the soul.

I'm going to just push this all aside and get through the last couple of days in the mines before my annual 13 day sabbatical.  Things will look better when I only have one thing to deal with. I'm sure of it.

Thank you for your patience.


Anonymous said...

I would hate for you to shut the blog down. I love reading it!

Anonymous said...

I also really enjoy your BLOG, the airplane, the sailing and then the killer car portion. I am also building the 12, not quite as far along as you. Installing the SB now. Dave I am 77 years young and I have done several things wrong. But pride keeps me going and if I have to take some breaks during construction, so what. Do what is necessary to get your mind back into the "finish the plane mode and fly that plane".
We can do it
Paul Ledoux

Anonymous said...

Dave, shake it off and move forward. The 3/4 inch hole is not a big deal. Get a bigger Dome Plug, they’re made by Heyco. I think P.N. 2683 (DP-750) should work for you. Mouser has it for $0.16 each. All of my mi$take$ cost quite a bit more.


DaveG said...

Thanks, guys. It helped.

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