Saturday, October 10, 2009

Almost ready!

ABF will be delivering the tail kit directly to my door (or, more precisely, directly to the end of my driveway) on Tuesday. That's nice since it means I won't have to find a truck to use to drive over to the other side of town to pick it up and haul it back.

I went to Harbor Freight this morning and bought a 1000 lb. mover's trolley to haul the 200lb. crate up the driveway and also picked up a nice blanket to pad the bottom shelf of the work table. Apparently the spouse-imposed requirement to be chaperoned while shopping there has expired; I imagine it will be re-instituted fairly quickly. I refrained from buying a new vise for the work table (I already have one in the hangar) until I'm sure I need it. I'm also perusing Craig's List for a used air compressor, but not buying until I'm sure the one located in the hangar isn't sufficient to my needs. Fundamentally this comes down to whether I want to work with air tools or electric tools in the basement. I prefer air, but electric might win through simplicity.

I also made a trip to the hangar to recover some of the metal working tools that have been hibernating in the bottom shelves of my tool chest and brought them back in my old kart racing toolbox. Finally, I prepared some shelves for storage of parts.

Poised and ready!

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