Friday, October 2, 2009

Tail is on the way!

I'm not sure when it will arrive, but the RV-12 tail kit is definitely on the way. Van's has been dead silent on the issue (although I've been told that official notification will come via postal mail) but Visa has not: the charge was applied to my card. I think they immediately charge a 25% or 50% (can't remember which) deposit charge when you order one of the major kits, but I would be surprised if they put a charge for 100% of the cost on my Visa if they didn't have the kit in stock and ready to ship.

Shipping is reportedly not going to be quite as easy as the kayak was - they brought that right to the door. Apparently these kits get shipping via commercial haulers and you have to go pick the kit up at the local (hopefully) transfer station. Inconvenient and expensive; I guess it's yet another measure of your devotion to the cause. Hey, if it was easy, everyone would build an airplane. And what kind of world would that be?? Ok, a pretty good one, but still!

My decision to go with the RV-12 (or more accurately, the factors I used to make my decision) continue to be reinforced by those that have gone before me. Consider this missive posted on the Van's Air Force forum:

RV-12: An Open Letter To Van's Aircraft

I'm done with building portion of the RV-12, and I'm now looking forward to the flight testing phase. I was issued an air worthiness certificate yesterday for N912VZ with no squawks.

Thank you Van's for a great airplane kit, and all your help.

I learned during the inspection that my DAR built serial number #6 RV-3. He talked about construction of jigs, plumb lines, drilling this & spacing that, bending everything to fit. When I told him how compete the RV-12 kit comes he was amazed, but not surprised. "Van has always been on the cutting edge of kit planes". ; he said. But he was really surprised at the in depth completeness of materials, parts, plans, and paper work. Seriously, the RV-12 is a modern engineering marvel, second to none, and in some ways those of us who have or are building the RV-12 are just as much pioneers as the first RV-3 builds were.

Thank you Van's for being a pioneer in homebuilt aircraft kit building.

There have been a few challenges along the way and I may have been vocal about them here on VAF, but the challenges themselves have been very minor in scope given the immensity and complexity of the RV-12 E-LSA project. I sincerely hope, in some small way, I have contributed to the process for creating the new frontier in kit built aircraft.

Thank you Vans, for allowing me to "participate".

Personally, I have throughly enjoyed every minute. The building process, the materials, plans, directions, and instructions are 1st class, top of the line. I have throughly enjoyed interacting with Van employees, engineers, the man himself, others on this website, and the hours spent sending e-mails and phone calls back and forth. The VAF / RV family is truly one of a kind.

Thank you Van's Aircraft for making my dreams come true.

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