Saturday, October 17, 2009

When it's a good idea to disappear

It's the night of Co-pilot Egg's Homecoming Dance. The boys will be here soon for pizza and noise, but Egg and her BFF are currently flitting about making last minute preparations to their faces, hair, and dresses. It's a really good time for Dad to blend into the background.

As such, I played around with making a very rough draft of the paint scheme idea from a couple of days ago:

There on the tail where that nice script font says "Gee Bee?" You have to imagine that it says "Arr Vee," and that there is a "Twelve" underneath it in a block font. You also have to imagine that someone with more drawing skills than I have made that picture.

But even with my less than rudimentary drawing abilities, it's pretty cool, eh?

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