Thursday, October 15, 2009

Is it too early to be thinking about the paint?

Well, of course it is!

Does that mean I won't?

Well, of course not!

I wonder if something like this would work:

I was only able to work for about an hour tonight, but not for lack of time; It was a tool availability issue.  I think I'm ready for a final brush-up and riveting of the rudder hinge supports, but I don't have a rivet squeezer quite yet. Sometime this weekend, I hope.

For tonight, though, I had to file away the "tabs" left from hacksawing the parts apart:

The filing didn't take long, but using sandpaper to smooth the edges of the parts did. Once that was done, the bearings had to be pressed into the sandwich and the assemblies clecoed back together:

I'm starting to remember why I like working with aluminum so much. It's so soft and easily worked that it almost feels like a very viscous liquid.

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Bob Mueller said...

For colors (yes, I know it's three years off), I was thinking you'd keep up the quasi-military scheme you've got going with Papa Golf. I assume you didn't do that original paint scheme, but this one could be painted up like a P-39/63 pretty easily.

It'd be interesting to look at historical tri-gears, and come up with something that way.

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