Thursday, October 8, 2009

A thought to share

I was asked whether my interest in the RV-12 was more about building it, or flying it. It's a fair question. I'm blessed with owning a very nice RV-6, and it is fair to ask what exactly is wrong enough with that to warrant the attempt to build a slower airplane.

This was my answer:

For now, building it. I don't want to get too far ahead of that since it's at least a 3 year job. I have a visceral need for some large goal to concentrate on, something that I can accomplish, something to alleviate the feeling that I'm wasting my available time working for The Man or playing Wii games. I live in fear of someday lamenting the lost opportunity to accomplish a meaningful life goal.

But yes, I also look forward to flying it for a number of reasons: nose wheel, larger rudder, better avionics, and no more FAA medical. It may even be safer.

I also hope to teach Egg to fly in it.

Regarding the obvious speed difference, most, if not all, of my current flying in the -6 is on trips that would be only 15 or 20 minutes longer in the -12. For my type of flying, a 20% reduction in speed is just not that important.

That is, of course, a very concise explanation of the factors that are driving me to engage in this project. Readers of my other blog are very familiar (that being the euphemism I have selected to replace "very bored") with my quest for a project to keep myself productively entertained in my off-work hours. I've been leading up to this for years, but I've been denying it because of the cost and complexity, not to mention the diligence and dedication, required to build a good airplane.

The advent of the RV-12 addressed quite a few concerns: it's easier than the standard Van's design because of the improved plans/directions and the use of blind rivets, it fits a future need for a simpler, easier-to-fly airplane, and I anticipate the existence of a vibrant peer-level community.

Just thought I'd share that.

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Hugo said...

Logical and concise. I think the bottom line is that it will be fun to build, fun to fly, relatively inexpensive and be a platform for co-pilot Egg to learn. Bonus is that the more "aged" of us will be able to continue flying.

Look forward to watching the build, Dave.

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