Sunday, October 18, 2009

Good news and bad news about presumptive paint scheme #1

The good news? It was apparently a pretty good idea.

The bad news? It's such a good idea that's it's been done:

Does the fact that it's been done mean that I won't? No, probably not. I'd change the big 9 to a 12, though, and see if I could get double six dice to match the 12.

But still... people will always say "Hey, you copied Tom Sampson's paint job." The RV community is very small, you know. People talk. Pictures are gathered.

I still like the 20's air race motif, though, so I go to thinking about just finding something slightly different. Google proved reticent about offering me up a good selection of pictures to chose from, though. The only one I could find in any quantity and in color was a few small pictures of the Texaco #13:

Not much to go on, is it? But I did learn that the airplane is hanging in a museum in Chicago, and I'm looking for another excuse to got, after all. I could go get some pictures of my own. But Google is bottomless - I kept looking.

I found this:

The box in back is a model of a Texaco air racer. That thought got me to thinking...



Hey! Don't I already have one of those??

Well, yes. Yes I do!

The colors remain red and white, some decals would have to be made, and I think it would have to be "Texaco #12," but this will work for now as presumptive paint scheme #2.


JoshG said...

You're right. The RV community is small. So small in fact that when I saw where you were headed with that scheme, I thought you were copying Tom's plane. It was in Van's calendar last year I think. Anyway, that's why I didn't tell you.


DaveG said...

Good thing I hadn't bought any paint yet! It sure is a snappy looking paint job, and from the pictures it looks like it was very well done. I hope to see it at Oshkosh some day.

It's ridiculous to even be thinking about paint at this stage, but with the RV-12 it's one of the very few decisions you actually get to make for yourself.

That's not a bad thing, mind you. There's a lot of benefit to knowing exactly what engine you're going to use and exactly what's going to be in the panel, not the least of which is the far more detailed instructions as to how to install all that stuff.

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